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VIRAL: Specialists Shows that Eating Pu$$y Can Cure Cancer!


We are believed that the most important meal of the day was breakfast. But according to a research, there is one important meal you need to do in order to cure cancer. And if you want to stay away from this silent killer, this kind of meal is what you need to keep yourself safe from cancer.


The developments of cancer treatment technology have been abrupt these days but you will be shocked to find out that a new research has already proved that cunnilingus may actually help cure cancer. According to the research from the State University of New York, one of its benefits is to protect you from heart disease and cure prostate cancer.


The reason is the production of oxytocin and DHEA, hormones produced when you go down your girl and have cunnilingus. Not only can these researched back up the health benefits of such.
According to psychologists who dealt with it to interpret the purpose of the said act, they even said that going down on your woman’s private parts not only cure cancer but also satisfies the natural urges increasing relationship satisfactio.


Aside from that, such act is also performed by men to keep the away from temptations and strengthen faithfulness to their women. Aside from its effects to cure cancer, particularly prostate cancer, and biological benefits of cunnilingus have been discovered as it promotes love hormones oxytocin and endorphins lessening headaches and promotes sleep.



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